Culture Collage: Eduardo Paolozzi x Jeremy Scott April 24 2013, 0 Comments

If there is anyone who best embodies a Cultural Collagist, it's the late Scottish artist and sculptor Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. Paolozzi’s complex, yet cohesive landscapes lend a “What-do-you-see” aspect to the viewer that blends a barrage of disparate images together. His series of screenprints and collages that span from the 1960s to the 1970s are flooded with geometric microcosms of neon colors, flashes of advertisements, magazine clippings and sci-fi paraphernalia. Were we the only ones wishing we could wear it?

Fortunately, we’ve found traces of his influence in Jeremy Scott’s current collection. Whether or not Scott was actually inspired by Paolozzi is anyone’s guess, but we hypothesize that the two artists had similar vision quests while developing their work.


Jeremy Scott, Display Collage Tee

The dual nature of magazine clippings and graphic color blocks in Paolozzi's work correlate with the collage-like coupling of Jeremy Scott's neon leather and naturally treated cowhide outfit. Anatomical imagery is utilized in a playfully macabre reference to medical diagrams.


Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Hollywood Wax Museum from Zero Energy Experimental Pile (Z.E.E.P), 1969-70 • Jeremy Scott, Cow Collage Biker Jacket, Pink Skeleton Sweater

Repeat patterns of cartoon iconography contrasted with x-ray vision freeform latticed designs create a dynamic composition of surrealism and motion.


Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Secrets of Internal Combustion Engine, 1967 • Jeremy Scott, Melting Happiness Sweater, Bart Repeat Sweater

Throughout the Space Age of the 60's and the Digital Age of the New Millenium, both Paolozzi and Scott synthesize the information overload of the times in their respective mediums. The results are aesthetically pleasing works that reflect a culture in a state of visual and technological flux.

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