A Pop of Culture: Spring Breakouts March 29 2013, 0 Comments

See Spring Breakers... think Atari. Spring has sprung – DGoods style.   

We're on a mission to explore and redefine a season that's more than just warmer weather, brighter colors and less clothing. The proliferation of 8-bit aesthetics invading pop culture combined with the much-anticipated release of Harmony Korine's newest film got us thinking there was a seasonal remix in the works. 

The super-saturated shimmers of poolside cyans and police car flashes of reds and blues executed by cinematographer Benoît Debie brings us back to the days of Pacman and Space Invaders. A repeat pattern of the pixelated forms starts to resemble a woven tribal print –– Do we sense a new graphic BohoPOP print in the making?

We've been all over Opening Ceremony's new Spring Breakers-themed line, which comes emblazoned in its own language of pop cultural neon-hued hieroglyphics.

(via Opening Ceremony)

This version of the movie poster exemplifies more of the pictographic nature that links back to old-school gaming and a kit-of-parts:

Check out our 8-Bit vs Breakers BohoPOP video here:

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