On location in Joshua Tree September 04 2012, 0 Comments

Our hip modern furniture and graphic pillows were influenced by the desolate and indigenous beauty of the desert. Rich in culture and color, our products are meant to experience a journey that would eventually lead them to this destination. It was amazing to see Photoshop renderings of our early days finally brought to the home they were always meant to inhabit.

For our first photoshoot, we ventured into Joshua Tree to tell the story of three wanderlusting road trippers in search of the ultimate Boho escape. We worked with photographer Andrew Kuykendall to create our first collection’s story: a journey studded with cacti, classic rock and contemporary hippie-chic that set the scene for all of Indian Summer in a single day.

In true bohemian fashion, our photoshoot was filled with off-the-clock detours and serendipitous pit stops that led us to some local gems as well some local color.

This vintage store had painted windows and door frames that served as a perfect backdrop for our graphic pillows and modern poufs. It seemed that Boho POP was already catching on...